Grace provides us with new postures.

A posture of humility. Because grace reminds me that I am so flawed that Jesus had to die for me.
A posture of confidence. Because I am so loved and valued that Jesus was glad to die for me.

Therefore, we cannot feel superior to anyone, nor do we have anything to prove to anyone. We do not think more of ourselves nor less of ourselves. Instead, we think of ourselves less.


Because of grace, we believe that failure does not have to be the end of anyone’s story. In fact, we will refuse to be defined by our mistakes. We learn, we grow, and we have the courage to move forward.

We are people of a second chance We recognize that our own failures can become a backdrop for us to extend grace to others.

We will be fast to forgive.


We believe that God loves us just as we are – not as we should be. Therefore, we will love everyone and exclude no one.

We don’t see our job as trying to change anyone. We can’t. Only God can truly change a person’s heart. So instead, we will love and accept everyone – regardless of where they are at in their spiritual journey. Regardless of their failures and mistakes. Regardless of whether they believe like we do or not. And….regardless of whether or not their morals, opinions, sexual orientations, and ideas match ours or not.

We seek to be a community of diversity, where people are encouraged to live in community with those who are different than themselves.

Art by: Julie Vogt

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