Safe Sharing Space

“When we human beings admit to each other the exact nature of our wrongs, we invariably have a human and humanizing encounter that deeply enriches both sides, and even changes lives — often forever! It is no longer an exercise designed to achieve moral purity or regain God’s love, but, in fact, a direct encounter with God’s love. It it not about punishing one side, but liberating both sides.” – Fr. Richard Rohr 
Safe Space is an opportunity for you to invite in the healing power of getting something off your chest that may have been weighing you down for a long time. Meet for a short online (over Zoom) appointment with a member of our teaching team — Scott, Anna, or Ben — who will listen and offer words of healing. 
These are not therapy sessions or designed for giving advice, simply a space to have someone walk alongside you and allow you to release something you’ve been holding on to, without shame or judgment.