Holy Week

Resources for experiences at home

(In-person gatherings at Society 57 in Aurora, ILGood Friday – 7pm  // Easter Sunday – 11am)

Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 10th

Print and color the leaf with with your family and celebrate with us online at 9am CST / 11am PST.

Good Friday

Friday, April 15th

Set aside 45 minutes alone or with your community for the following experience:

1. Create a sacred space somewhere in your home by lighting candles or incense.

2. Take 5 minutes in silence to open yourself up to God by meditating on the simple prayer “Let us love as you have loved”.  

3. Watch the “Stations of the Cross” video

4. Spend 15 minutes in prayer or journaling in response to the stations.

Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 17th

Use this “Easter Table Liturgy” with your family or friends to create space for joy, prayer and connection with God and one another as you celebrate together.